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Astarotte no Omocha! (or "Astarotte's Toy!" in English), is a harem, ecchi, comedy series that follows the escapades of Astarotte Ygvar, a ten year old succubus princess who is under the conviction of forming a man-harem, in order to guzzle "man juice" so as to preserve her youth and beauty.

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Astarotte is a ten year old succubus, and as she is nearing puberty, she must prepare to start engaging in sex acts in order to keep herself alive. However, she is afraid of men, as she witnessed her mother having relations with one of the men in her royal harem as a child, thus ruining her previously happy and loving relationship with her mother.

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( "Astarotte's Toy!").In the medieval fantasy world of Álfheimr, succubus princess Astarotte Ygvar, the first princess of the kingdom of Ygvarland, has just reached the age of 10. 10 years old is a special age for a young succubus, as it is when they are traditionally expected to form a male harem.As the popularity of Astarotte's Toy, The ...

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, Rotte no Omocha!, "Lotte's Toy!") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yui Haga about Naoya, a man brought to a magical world as a candidate for the Princess Astarotte's harem. Lotte no Omocha! began its serialization run in the July 2007 issue of Dengeki Maoh and later republished in collected volumes by ASCII Media Works .

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The hero of the series. When the Yggdrasill tree activates and allows one of Lotte's servants to enter the human world, he is taken back to become the first member of Lotte's harem, much to Lotte's chagrin and encountered Lotte's mother roughly eleven years ago when he was 12, and then again a few years later when she brought him Asuha, his daughter from said encounter. He has blue hair. He ...

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Episode One: The Exclamation of Our Meeting "Deai no ekusukuramēshon" (出会いのエクスクラメーション) Original Air: April 10th, 2011. Succubi are a race of beings who survive by having a harem of men from which they can suck 'life essence' from. However, Astarotte Ygvar, the crown princess, hates men. Under relentless pressure ...

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Astarotte Ygvar (アスタロッテ・ユグヴァール), more commonly known by her nickname Rotte (ロッテ) (commonly mistranslated as Lotte), is the main protagonist of the series. The title of the series, either the manga (Rotte no Omocha) or the anime (Astarotte no Omocha!) is named after her. Rotte is a Succubus and the daughter of Queen Mercelída. Naoya becomes Rotte's toy after she ...

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Astarotte no Omocha is complicated. Because it really tests the system, and really casts out a few questions that people do not think about. In fact, when I sat down to think about this show, it felt like a very weird show that could have gone on a dark route.

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Both Astarotte's Toy and Softenni have a very childish appeal with their overly animated styles. Not only are the artistic works similar, their feel as the anime progresses are very similar as well - they are both lighthearted, child-like comedies.